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Lecture Demonstration
Lecture Demonstrations are held regularly in Schools and Colleges in which our aim is to give a Basic Level understanding to the young generation about Indian Classical Music and to encourage their appreciation of how Indian Classical Music is different from other types of music that they are exposed to. The different types of Ragas are briefly explained in these lectures so that there is a general awareness of Ragas and the importance of different notes and talas. Interaction is done to offer advice on what is the best and most effective way to listen to the different Ragas so that there is maximum possible positive impact on the mind and soul. After the Lecture Demonstration the students have a fair idea of the importance of music in their overall development. Some preconceived myths about the difficulty of Indian Classical Music are attempted to be dispelled so that there is increased interest in learning Indian classical music and a better under appreciation of the benefits that can accrue by listening to it.
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